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It's been four days and I still have a bootprint on the side of my face.

Four days, Sirius. What did you stand in?

People at work are starting to talk.
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Holidays are a good thing.

So is the wine that my relatives sent from France.

Presents in two days.

Wow, everything's blurry.

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Sirius, my mother sent me a letter with this week's Sunday lunch leftovers. She and Dad have been invited to spend Christmas in France and, obviously, I can't really go with them, what with all my commitments on this side of the Channel.

Think we'll be staying in the flat. Sorry.

Also, for the attention of James Potter: Invisibility Cloaks are not toys.

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How is it, right, that, even though both of the inhabitants of this flat are actually earning a decent wage, all we have to eat or drink are sour milk, furry cereal and something that has spent three days congealing in the cooker?

Lily, James, Peter, if you're all still coming round tonight, can you bring your own food? And drink? And possibly cutlery and plates?

(Sirius used ours for "experimentation". When I pressed him further, he said that it was "for work purposes" and that it was "classified information" and, finally, that if he told me, he'd have to kill me. I think he's just trying to deflect attention from the fact that he's incredibly clumsy.)

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Got back late last night. Really sorry for not being very sociable, James, Lily, Emmy but it was good to see you all. I actually slept right through until just a few minutes ago when some children came trick-or-treating. I think Sirius scared them off though.

Sirius, you do know that when children say 'Trick or Treat', you're not actually supposed to trick them, right?

Anyway, Happy Hallowe'en, everyone. It's nice to be back in Blighty.
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I unexpectedly have to go to Russia for a few weeks. It's a bit of a surprise but I've relatives (of a sort) to meet, apparently. Let's just hope I'm not gone so long I'll need to break out the fur coat or something; I hear it's getting chilly.

I'm not to bring my book with me but I'll let you all know if and when I get back. Who knows, maybe Russia will be such a howl, I'll want to stay?

Sirius, I've to go almost straightaway so I'll just trust you to make sure the flat's still standing when I get back.

Oh, and I should have a job when I get back, for the Ministry, would you believe? (Thanks mainly to Moody, you know.)

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Just to say that I'm moving back to my parents' for the foreseeable future. Between joblessness and other stuff, I think it's for the best.

Just so your owls don't get lost, yeah?

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Just on my lunch break at work. I hate working on Saturdays. London on Saturday is hell.

By the way, Sirius, I'll be late back tonight. Everyone from work is going out and they've spent the whole morning complaining that I never go out so I think I'm going out.

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Lily Evans, Slavedriver. Why the hell did we have to walk up and down Diagon Alley so many times? It's not like any new shops were going to appear. Although I think that has happened in the past.

I can see my gravestone now: "Remus J. Lupin. Shopped to Death". It will be terribly sad and then you'll be sorry.

Prongs, can you marry her sooner rather than later?

Of course, there's no way I can sleep now after she made me drink all that coffee in the café near her house so I'm sitting in the kitchen, eating furry cereal. With no milk.

And I think we have rats.

At least I don't have to work tomorrow. Looking on the bright side. That's me.
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I can't sleep so I figured I'd make tea and then I realised that tomorrow's the day that the Hogwarts Express leaves King's Cross. It's sort of strange not to be on it this year. Not that I miss it, really. Patrolling the passageway, making sure that first years didn't piss off the trolley lady or lose their owls or robes or wands.

I remember my first journey on the Hogwarts Express. Two blokes made it living hell. It's a funny old world.

And I should stop thinking now.

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